Stop Spam By Using SpamArrest AntiSpam Solution

The other day on Facebook I left a comment about using an antispam solution called  SpamArrest which helps stop spam.  Michael Stelzner from WhitePages and Social Media Summit (which was awesome) asked if anyone was noticing a ton of spam emails.

Well, when I started my internet business in 1999 it wasn’t too bad, however, within 2 years I was receiving 1000 emails in my inbox when I awoke in the a.m.  Not to mention the barrage of spam all day long.

I did not want to miss an important email in the midst of all the spam, plus all the time & energy it took.  So, I started to search for something that would protect me from spam.  I found SpamArrest which has worked great for me for the last 8 years and my clients love it too.

Some spam filters block out your messages and you can’t even see what didn’t come through and leaves you wondering if you missed something.  When you are in business this is very important.

The way SpamArrest works is when someone sends you an email they get a verification email which they have to respond to and this authorizes them as a verified sender.

The other emails go into your “Unverified” folder where you can view these or search for a name or subject.  All you do is checkmark the box to the emails you want verified and click authorize and their email is added to your verified list and will come through as verified.  Plus, you can even pre-authorize your clients by entering in their email address and pressing the “Authorize” button.

Tip for spam prevention: Remember when creating your website or blog to use a contact form and not your email address, as this is how your email gets out there for unauthorized use!

I only recommend that which I know works well and hope you found this article helpful in finding a way to stop spam email and eliminate spam from using up your time and energy.

To Your Success!

CoraLyn Hughes

p.s. Learn more about SpamArrest.

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