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Energy of Light's Soul Purpose Marketing assists Heart Based Entrepreneurs in bringing their message to the world through platforms like Kajabi, setting up their marketing funnels, landing pages, opt-in pages, autoresponder and broadcast emails. Check out Kajabi at https://app.kajabi.com/r/zMmLFo6q/t/yiayzk7e Our business services include custom WordPress blogs/ websites, YouTube Video Channel Optimization, Blogging, Newsletters, and more...

We are launching https://LiveCleanAgeWell.com soon... Living life with the healthiest Body, Mind & Soul one can create for themselves. We will have content, products and services that we love and have worked for us through this journey of healing and transformation.

Click Here to Protect You & Your Pets from 5G with Biofield Resonance Technology, EMF & Earthing and Energetic Health & Wellness.

For Local and Online Business Marketing there is no one thing that you do more than another to create your online presence. There are many things that you do synergistically to create more traffic. Including videos, your courses & products and a website all leading back to you!